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Every foreigner who has a permanent visa in Brazil for at least four years may apply for Brazilian citizenship.
The Brazilian Naturalization process can be initiated by foreigners who have lived in Brazil for more than four years with a permanent visa. In some cases, the period may be reduced to one year, if he/she is married to a Brazilian, has a Brazilian child economically dependent and under his/her care, that is a native of a Portuguese speaking country with moral credibility and without criminal conviction as the Federal Constitution sets out in Article 12, II, section b.

In Brazil, there are 4 types of naturalization: the ordinary (or common), the extraordinary, the special and temporary (which can become permanent). In Brazil, the interest in obtaining Brazilian naturalization is growing and increasingly sought by foreigners of various nationalities.

To identify the right type of naturalization for your profile and start the process with security and agility, contact Horizon Brazil, one of the main companies in consultancy and assistance in processes of naturalization for foreigners.

Personal servicesgiven byexperts and legal advisors. Full assistance from the analysis of the required documents and the request of the appropriate application. Monitoring all the steps in the process with the competent agencies.

Horizon Brazil also offers legal assistance to individuals and companies in various areas, such as the opening of businesses, preparing contracts, analyzing of documents, opening bank accounts and real estate acquisitions by foreigners.

Horizon Brazil's office is located in the economic capital of the country - São Paulo, on Avenida Paulista, one of the main avenues in downtown, prime area with easy access. A nice environment to meet customers by offering quality and professional service.

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Every foreigner who receive a temporary visa, permanent or is in asylum or refugee status in Brazil, with some exceptions, must request your Foreigner's Registration Card.