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Driving License Card for Foreigners

To drive a vehicle for a period greater than 180 days, the alien must have a valid visa and request the issuance of CNH.
Any foreigner, according to the general rule, has the right to drive in Brazil for up to 180 days using theirvalid license from the country of origin, together with the passport or document showing the date of entry into the country.

To drive a vehicle for a period greater than 180 days the foreigner must have a valid temporary or permanent visa and must request the issue of aBrazilian Driver's License (CNH).

The Driver's License Card, is an official Brazilian document that authorizes and proves the ability of a citizen to drive a motor vehicle. It is mandatory to have a valid driver's license to drive any vehicle in Brazil.

The issuing of aDriving License for Foreigners in Brazil is applicable to those who have a valid driver’s license in their country of origin. The issuing country must be among the signatory’s countries of the Vienna Convention or meet the principle of reciprocity.

If the foreigner’s driving license is not from anyof the signatory countries of the Vienna Convention and does not meet the principle of reciprocity the foreigner will have to take a driving test to obtain the Brazilian CNH.

In addition to these prerequisites the foreigner who needs to apply for a driver's license must also submit other personal documents, photos and pay the necessary fees.

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Every foreigner who receive a temporary visa, permanent or is in asylum or refugee status in Brazil, with some exceptions, must request your National Registry of Foreigners.