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Contact us and perform a complete analysis for the Amendment of Settlement.
In the foreigner's records and documents, if rectification is necessary to his/her name, parents, birth date or nationality approval a specific request must be made for thechange of settlements.

For example, if the applicant's name is proven wrong, has a pejorative sense or will cause some kind of negative exposure to the holder, as well as if the pronunciation or understanding of the name is difficult, it can be translated or adapted to the Portuguese language, the foreigner may request the change of his/her name with the competent agencies in Brazil.

As the above procedure, there are many details to be analyzed and appropriate to each foreigner according to his/her profile and goals when planning the trip to Brazil.

Each type of Visa in Brazil has several modalities, based on the situation of the foreign applicant. The documents, information and fees required are variable, as well as the steps in the process according to each type of visa. Likewise, there is a specific procedure to address cases of changes in settlements or correction of the foreigner’s name. The possibilities and needs of the foreigners must be analyzed before the request.

To be sure that the process of changing of settlement or correction of the name, is conducted in a safe manner contact Horizon Brazil, a specialized company in the legalization of foreigners in the country.

Located in the city of São Paulo, Horizon Brazil offers personal services, enabling agility and security in the processes to their clients with a qualified team of consultants and legal counsels with a vast experience on immigration issues. Identification of the right type of visa for the client's profile and the required documentation, analysis of the documents, legal assistance, opening bank accounts, and monitoring each stage of the proceedings with the competent agencies, are some of the services offered.

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Every foreigner who receive a temporary visa, permanent or is in asylum or refugee status in Brazil, with some exceptions, must request your National Registry of Foreigners.