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The Agreement is valid residence Mercosur for Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay, Bolivia, Chile and Peru.
The Mercosul Housing Agreement is valid for Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay, Bolivia, Chile and Peru. Peru and Ecuador became part of the Agreement in 2011, However, Ecuador has not yet incorporated into its internal legal procedural, therefore not yet in force in this country.

The Agreement foresees that all Brazilians, Argentines, Paraguayans, Uruguayans, Chileans, Bolivians and Peruvians may establish residence in any of the signatory countries, whether in regular or irregular migratory situation. The foreigners of these nationalities who are irregular are exempt from fines or other administrative penalties related to their immigration status.

The process to obtain residency under the Mercosul Housing Agreement begins with the granting of temporary residence for two years and later with the change into permanent residence.

The foreigner benefited from the Mercosul Housing Agreement has equal civil rights in Brazil. Duties and labor responsibilities and social security are also protectedin addition to the right to transfer resources, right to a name, registration and nationality of the immigrants children.

Horizon Brazil has a team of specialists to assist foreigners from Mercosul every process for applying for residence safely and quickly under the Mercosul Housing Agreement.

Horizon Brazil is specialized in the legalization of foreigners that wish to live temporarily or permanently in Brazil.

Personal service from the analysis of the required documentation to monitoring with the competent agencies of all the steps in the process. Legal assistance and other services are offered to individuals and companies for regularization and purchase of a residence in the country.

Horizon Brazil’s office is located in the economic capital of the country - São Paulo on Avenida Paulista, prime area with easy access. A nice environment to meet customers offering quality and professional services.

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Every foreigner who receives a temporary visa, permanent or is in an asylum or refugee status in Brazil with some exceptions must request their Foreigner's Registration Card.