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Visa for foreigners who plan to pursue teaching and / or research in any public or private institution.
In the world rank published by Times Higher Education in March 2012, after thousands of interviews with academics around the world, USP (University of São Paulo) was among the 100 best Universities in the world. The University was also ranked 20th in Webometrics Ranking of World Universities, an evaluation which measures the visibility of Universities on the Internet. In May 2012, Brazil was again featured in a new ranking as one of the best College cities in the world. São Paulo features in the list of best College cities.

Among the criteria evaluated are the number of students, quality of life, accessibility and the amount of local employment. The research was published by a British group, also responsible for the classification of higher education institutions in the world, called "Top Universities".

Not only São Paulo, but also many Brazilian cities, with major academic institutions and research centers bring together professionals, teachers and foreign scientists in forums, conferences, partnerships and annualacademic events.

There is a specific type of Visa in Brazil for teachers, researchers and scientists. These forms of temporary visas, Visas for Teachers, Visas for Researchers and Visas for Scientist in Brazil, apply to foreigners who plan to carry out activities in teaching and/or research in any public or private institution, as well as in scientific research institutes or technology centers.

The time limit for the Visasfor Teachers, Visas for Researchers and Visas for Scientists is determined according to the contract signed between the parties, foreign and institution. To start a quick process of acquiring this visa, contact Horizon Brazil, which provides consultancy services and assistance on immigration to the acquisition of any type of Brazilian visa and legalization of foreigners wishing to come to Brazil temporarily or permanently.

With a team of experts on immigration services, Horizon Brazil offers an individual service from guidanceof the most adequate visa to fit your profile and analyzing of documentation topreparing contracts, legal assistance and monitoring all steps for the issuing of theBrazilian visa.

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The Visa on the basis of work contracts, applies to situations in which a Brazilian company intends to hire a foreigner to engage in remunerated activity in employment, provided there is no manpower Brazilian qualified.