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Already registered as permanent foreigners in Brazil assumes responsibility for the family.
Visa based on Family Reunion is a type of visa granted in situations that require the approach of people from the same family, while maintaining it's unity.

In the process of application for a Visa based on Family Reunion, a foreigner already registered as permanent in Brazil or Brazilian assumes responsibility for the family member as well as being the legal dependent.

Are considered legal dependentes:

1. Single children under the age of 18 or older children proved to be unable to provide their own sustenance;
2. Parents or grandparents with effective need of support;
3. Brothers, grandchildren or great grandchildren orphans, single under 18, or older,provided proven unable to provide their own sustenance;
4. Spouse of permanent or temporary foreigner in Brazil;
5. Legal guardian or guardian of a Brazilian.

The dependents referred to in numbers "1" and "2" will be considered as such until they reach the age of 24, as long as they are enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate course and that equal treatment be granted to Brazilians in the foreigner’s country of origin.

The process of obtaining visas for Brazil, still requires the submission of other documents, certificates, personal information, payment of taxes, etc. and in some cases the presentation of a vaccination certificate and other copies of documents. Depending on the language used on theapplicants documents an officialsworn translation of the documents will also be necessary,as well ashaving them legalizedat the Brazilian Consulate in the country of issue. There are several details that will make the acquisition of a visa possible.

To apply for a Visa based on Family Reunion with agility and security, contactHorizon Brazil, one of the main companies in the country in consultancy services and assistance on immigration.

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Family Visa


The visa based on Brazilian child is one of the main ways to obtain a permanent visa, which gives the foreigner the right to live and work in Brazil.