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Foreigners with Brazilian children have the right to obtain a permanent visa.
The visa based on Brazilian children is one of the main ways to obtain a permanent visawhich gives the foreigner the right to live and work in Brazil.

The foreign parent of a Brazilian child, even if this parent was born in another country, he/she has the right to apply for a permanent Brazilian visa, provided that this parent has the custody of the child andis responsible financially for the child’s development.

Respecting these basic conditions there is no grace period to start the process of the acquisition of the Brazilian permanent visa. The visa can be requested through Horizon Brazil at any time, after the child’s birth.

However, when the birth occurs out of Brazil, the family must first register the certificate in the Brazilian Consulate in the country in which it was issued, and then begin the process requesting a permanent visa.

To have a Brazilian Permanent Visa based on a Brazilian child, other documents are required, payments of fees, filling out forms, due diligence, etc. The process generates anxiety and concerns and needs to be carried out with accuracy, planning and security. Therefore, Horizon Brazil is ready to help you.

Horizon Brazil is one of the main companies that provide consultancy services and assistance in immigration and visas in the Country. Specialized in the legalization of foreigners who want to obtain a permanent visa in Brazil with a team of experienced and qualified consultants and professionals, assisting couples and families of different nationalities.

Personal assistance and agility in the processes are the main features of the company. Horizon Brazil’s office is located in São Paulo the financial center of Brazil. A privileged area and of easy access, ensuring excellence in thereception and assistance to its customers.

Full assistance atHorizon Brazil. All the steps in the processes are conducted from beginning to end. Consultancy, analyzing documentation, legal assistance and monitoring the competent agencies are part of the services offered to individuals and legal entities.

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