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Meet one of the leading consultancy and advice in immigration and visa in Brazil.
As the sixth largest economy, Brazil has drawn attention of businesses, professionals and foreign investors. The country is growing and economic stability even in scenarios of international crisis.

Export growth, increased consumption of specialized jobs. Large companies, organizations and industries have been established and grow continuously in the country

To work and live in a legalized in Brazil, as in any country, foreigners must obtain a visa in accordance with their specific goals, area of expertise or current situation.

In 2010, the country had more than 50 000 applications work visas for foreigners. The current economic environment has attracted mainly Americans, Filipinos, British, Indian, German, Chinese, Japanese, Italian and French. The remuneration of foreign workers in Brazil has exceeded those received in their home countries. To work and live in a legalized in Brazil, as in any country in the world, foreign professionals must obtain a visa in accordance with their specific objectives and scope.

The Horizon Brazil, a company providing consulting services and advice in immigration and Seen in Brazil part of this scenario development and internationalization of the country. A multicultural country of many opportunities. The company specializes in the legalization of aliens who want to live in Brazil temporarily or permanently.

Personal service and customized to individuals or entities. Consulting, analysis of documents, legal advice and monitoring the entire process with the competent organs, are some of the services offered to customers, individuals or entities.

Horizon is located in Brazil the economic heart of the country, São Paulo, at Avenida Paulista. Privileged region and easily accessible, ensuring flexibility and security in the services provided for the acquisition of Viewed in Brazil.

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On Immigration Consulting with a focus on agility and service companies and individuals.

Family Visa

The foreign parent of a child of Brazil, even if he or she was born in another country, has the right to request a permanent Brazilian visa, provided that it is established that it has custody of the child and be responsible for its economic development.