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The Portfolio of Work and Social Security is a mandatory document for persons providing any kind of professional service in Brazil.
According to the Ministry of Labor the Work Card and Social Security can be provided to foreigners in some specific situations, divided into the following categories:

- Permanent foreigners (residents);
- Artist or Athlete;
- Scientist, teacher, technician or a professional from another category, under contract or working for the Brazilian government - foreigners in asylum (politicians);
- Borders (foreigners living in neighboring countries to Brazil);
- Refugees with a foreigner's identity card;
- Dependents of diplomatic and consular personnel;

The Work and Social Security card is a mandatory document for people who render any kind of professional service in Brazil. This document is used to register and check key information about the worker's career (functions, contract periods and salary).

The validity of the Work Card for Foreigners is variable, determined according to each modality foreseen by the Ministry of Labor. The expiry date will be registeredon the Work card and in the Federal Police file, with the inscription: "Válida até (...)" - Valid until.

As well as the expiry date the documents required for the request of a Work Card and Social Security for Foreigners vary according to the type of visa. Among them is the presentation of the Work Card for Foreigners and in the case of foreign dependents based on the law of reciprocity, it is also necessary to present a specific work permit, provided by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, for example.

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Every foreigner who receive a temporary visa, permanent or is in asylum or refugee status in Brazil, with some exceptions, must request your National Registry of Foreigners.