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Visa applicable to almost all areas of production and technology.
Nowadays in Brazil,Work Visas for technical assistance or technology transfer are required by professionals or companies from various sectors such as: automotive, oil and gas, textile, steel, etc. Period of stay for a foreigner with this specific work visa can be up to 90 days called "express" or "normal" up to 01 year.

This is a type of visa that applies to virtually all areas of production and technology. With an increasing global market, many of the technologies and equipment used are imported and the companies require training, support and specialized technical assistance. The manpower or expertise is often better qualified or even exclusive to the countries of origin of the equipment or technologies.

The Work Visa for Technical Assistance or Technology Transfer is available to foreigners who intend to come to Brazil to provide some kind of technical assistance service or technology transfer. This visa does not involve an employment relationship between the professional and the Brazilian company. The worker maintains official registration as an employee of the foreign company that he/she represents in his/her country of origin. The professional will not replace national labor, but give temporary support to the company’s specific needs.

To apply for a Work Visa for Technical Assistance and/or Technology Transferwith security and agility, contact Horizon Brazil one of the main companies in the country that provides consultancy services and assistance on immigration, specialized in the legalization of foreign professionals in Brazil. Differentiated personal service to individuals or companies. Analyzing all necessary documentation, monitoring each step of the process with the competent agencies, legal assistance and preparing contracts are some of the main services offered by experienced professionals.

Horizon Brazil is located on Avenida Paulista, a privileged area and with ease of access, in São Paulo.

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