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Since permits for foreign professionals undertake professional training at a subsidiary, affiliate or Brazilian branch.
As the sixth largest world economy, Brazil achieved economic stability and continues developing. There was an increase in GDP, exports tripled in the last years and the Country continues to draw attention of large companies and investors.

With favorable indexes, multinationals have settled in the Country. Large national companies have become stronger opposite the world scenario in their markets, among them, Petrobras (petroleum), Vale (mining), Embraer (aviation) and Brasil Foods (food).

The Visa for Professional Training allows foreign professionals and employees of transnational companies to get permission to have professional training with the subsidiary, branch or with the Brazilian head quarters of the same economic group.

The visa does not include cases where the foreigner intends to come to the country to receive operational training and maintenance of machines and equipment produced in the national territory. The professionals who want a Visa for Professional Training do not have an employment relationship in Brazil.

To identify whetherthis is indeed the type of visa needed for yourprofile and activities to be carried out in Brazil, gatheringthe required documents andto stream line the visa processess afely and correctly look for a specialized consultancy service.

Horizon Brazil offers all the assistance for a Professional Training Visa request. A company specialized in the legalization of foreigners wishing to come to Brazil for short periods, long periods or permanently, according to their profiles and personal or professional goals.

Personaland complete service from the identification of the appropriate visa, analysis of the required documents, legal assistance and monitoring all steps of the procedures with the competent bodies.

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The Visa on the basis of work contracts, applies to situations in which a Brazilian company intends to hire a foreigner to engage in remunerated activity in employment, provided there is no manpower Brazilian qualified.