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Visas for professionals of fashion, music and sports who come to Brazil to participate in events related to their areas.
Among the various options for temporary visas for foreigners visiting Brazil, are visas for artists, sportsmen, models and DJs. Professionals from the world of fashion, music and sports that usually come to Brazil to participate in events related to their areas of expertise.

Today, most professionals that request the Visa for Artist through their agencies are models, singers and bands. The visa for artists, sportsmen, models and DJs do not involve any employment relationship with a private person or legal entity in Brazil.

For technicians and other professionals, that assist the artists or athletes should apply for a temporary visa in the same activity.

The Visa for Artistis not applicable to professionals who come into the country under an employment contract, as well as participants of sports competitions or artistic contests that will not receive a cachet from a Brazilian source.It is also not directed to professionals who compete for prizes, including cash.

For being a very specific visa, with several items to be observed, attention should be taken, starting by the service contract that must be signed by the artist. This is a major requirement to apply for the visa.

To avoid unexpected problems with the issue of the visas for foreigners contact Horizon Brazil, one of the main companies providing consultancy services and assistance on visas for foreigners in the Country.

Horizon Brazilprovidespersonalservices,agility and security in the processes and professional experts in immigration procedures regardingissuing of visas.

Defining the proper visa to your profile, analyzing the required documents, legal assistance, preparing contracts and monitoring all the steps with the competent agencies are some of the services offered.

The company is located in the business center of Brazil – São Paulo, on Avenida Paulista, a privileged areawith easy access.

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