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Allows abroad, provided administrator company in Brazil, and more work in the country, as long as the employment status.
There are several ways to obtain a Permanent Visa in Brazil. This category ofvisa allows the foreigner,an executive director, director or manager from the Brazilian companyto live and work in the country for an indefinite period, while there is an employment bond. The Work Visa for an Executive Director, Manager or Administration Officer is appointed to managers in general and opens the opportunity for companies established in Brazil to have foreign professionals working in positions of high responsibility and strategic importance. The visa allows not only the hiring of skilled foreign professionals but also generates investments and creates opportunities for new jobs in the short term because these are the conditions established for granting the visa.

The laws and regulations indicate that for the granting of a permanent Professional Visa, companies established in Brazil need to invest at least:

• R$ 600 thousand reais for each foreigner or
• R$ 150 thousand plus generating 10 new jobs over a period of two years after the granting of the visa for each foreigner.

The new jobs created must be proven through the plan of absorption of Brazilian labor.

There is a specific procedure for this type of visa, which can cause difficulties, doubts and uncertainty on how to proceed correctly.

Horizon Brazil offers specialized services in consultancy and assistance on immigration for legalizing foreigners who intend to work permanently in Brazil.

Analyzing the necessary documentation, the adequate visa, preparing contracts, legal assistance and monitoring each step of the process with the competent agencies are some of the main services offered by experienced professionals in immigration issues in Brazil.

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