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Temporary visas for athletes hired to work in Brazil.
Despite being a country known for exporting its sports talents especially when it comes to soccer, Brazil is also interested and invests in foreign professional athletes, adding strength to a group or team in different sports.

Athletes hired to work in Brazil need a specific type of temporary visa. Usually the time period allowed for this type of Visa for Professional
Athlete is up to two years with the possibility to extension through a formal request before the initially approved period expires.

From 1997 the National Immigration Council of the Ministry of Labor and Employment created some resolutions related to standards for the granting of visas, complementing the laws and regulations from the 80's. Nowadays for each activity of interest to be done in Brazil by foreigners it is necessary to apply for aspecific type of visa.

The Visa for Professional Athlete is specific for foreigners wishing to come to Brazil with an employment bondand hired by a sports entity, legal private entity. There must be an interest of a sports entity to begin the procedure for granting the temporary visa.

To expedite the process of acquiring a Temporary Visa for Professional Athlete safely, avoiding unnecessary setbacks it is possible to contact Horizon Brazil, one of the main companies providing consulting services and assistance on immigration issues in the Country.

Horizon Brazil provides personal services in the process of acquisition of temporary and permanent visas for foreigners of various nationalities. Appropriate visa, analysis of the required documents, preparing contracts and legal assistance are some of the services offered by Horizon Brazil, which closely monitors each stage of the process together with the competent government agencies.

Horizon Brazil has a complete service structure for foreigners of various nationalities, with an office in Sao Paulo the business center of Brazil in one of the main avenues in the city, on Avenida Paulistaa privileged location with easy access for customers.

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