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Visa for hiring a foreigner to engage in remunerated activities with employment.
Being sixth world economy, Brazil has attracted more and more professionals from different areas, while companies in Brazil have sought international skilled labor for various sectors. The country is growing, has received international investment and is increasingly interconnected with the world market.

The Work Visa or a Visa based on a Work Contract, applies to situations in which a Brazilian company intend to hire a foreigner to engage in a remunerated employment bond, provided that there is no Brazilian qualified skilled labor, since the Ministry of Labor and Employment prioritizes jobs for Brazilians. In this case, the employment contract requires a specifictime period and registration in the work permit booklet.

The initial validity period of aWork Visa can be up to two years with the possibility of requestingan extension of the visa for two more years or changing the temporary visa for permanent where an employment contract will have an indefinite time period.

To apply for a Work Visa in Brazil with security and agility, contact Horizon Brazil one of the main companies that provides consultancy services and assistance on immigration and visas in the country, specialized in the legalization of foreigners who want to work temporarily or permanently in Brazil.

Notice that this type of visa is not applicable to foreigners wishing to come to Brazil to work in management positions in national companies.

Horizon Brazil offers personal services to it`s customers, minimizing the bureaucracy in processes like this one, especially when businesses and institutions are involved.

Analyzing the documentation, monitoring the process with the competent agencies and preparing contracts are part of the services offered to companies and foreigners from all countries by an experienced team.

Contact us and visit Horizon Brazil in São Paulo, on Avenida Paulista. Easy access, ensuring excellence from reception tocustomer assistance.

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