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Foreign proving the existence of a relationship, and continued a public couple.
The Visa based ona Stable Union is very highly requested in Brazil. The definition of a stable union in Brazil is linked to the existence of a durable, public and continuous relationship of a couple who live as if they were married, including homosexual relationships.

In general, the main criteria for granting this visa is a proof of a stable relationship for more than one year.

To prove the stable relationship there isspecific documentation to be submitted along with other required documents, information, fees, etc. There are several steps in each process for the granting of the visa. The Permanent Visa in Brazil requires greater accuracy, more information and details to be proven.

Before starting the application process for the Visa in Brazilit is important to define what kind of visa is applicable to the foreign applicant.

Due to this, Horizon Brazil offers consultancy and assistance on immigration issues in the country, specialized in legalizing foreigners who want to live in Brazil temporarily or permanently.

Horizon Brazil offers personal services to it`s customers with precision procedures making the process of obtaining Visas in Brazilsecure. From analyzing allthe necessary documentation to legal assistance, every step of the process is closely monitored with the competent agencies by experienced professionals.

Horizon Brazil caters for families and professionals from different countries. Theoffice is located in the economic center of Brazil - São Paulo, in one of the main avenues in a privileged location with easy access. A structure that contributes to quality and professional servicesfor it`s customers.

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Family Visa


The Visa based on Family Reunion is a type of visa granted in situations that require the approach of people from the same family, while maintaining its unity.