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Document, issued in Brazil confirming the identity of foreigners residing in the country on a temporary or permanent.
Every foreigner who receives a temporary visa, permanent or is in an asylum or refugee status in Brazil with some exceptions must request their Foreigner’s Registration Card - RNE, within 30 days after entering the country or after the granting of asylum or shelter.

The RNE is a personal document issued in Brazil confirming the identity of foreigners living temporarily or permanently in the country.

With the registration number the foreigner can open bank accounts and do other activities that require proof of residence in Brazil for an extended period.

There are a number of specific procedures and documents needed forthe application of the Foreigner’s Registration Card. To obtain the RNE without any problems,fulfilling all necessary procedures and presenting the required documentation, contact Horizon Brazil, a company specialized on immigration in Brazil.

Horizon Brazilis specialized in the legalization of foreigners wishing to live in Brazil permanently or temporarily. With a personalized service, Horizon Brazil assists in the process of obtaining Brazilian visas and the Foreigner’s Registration Card.

Contact Horizon Brazil and get to knowthe office on Avenida Paulista privileged areawitheasy accessin the city of São Paulo. A complete structure to meet people or companies from all parts of Brazil and of the world with quality and professionalism.

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On Immigration Consulting with a focus on agility and service companies and individuals.

Foreigners living in Brazil or even in other countries may apply for the CPF for registration and tax purposes as well as to acquire an asset in Brazil, to establish a company partnership, become a company manager, open a bank account, etc.