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Visa holders in Brazil must inform any change of address within 30 days.
All foreigners registered with a Visa in Brazil must inform the competent bodies any of any change of place of residence within 30 days after the change.

There are three types of Brazilian visas. For short periods basically for tourism and short business travel, temporary ones, for work, study and other purposes and the permanent visas for foreigners wishing to live and work in Brazil for an indefinite period.

Even if there is a change of address after the beginning of the visa request process when all documents have already been delivered the competent bodies must be informed of the changeby sending them the new address.

The immigration process goes through several stages and they must be followed correctly with attention to all details. With support from Horizon Brazil it is possible to complete all these procedures involving the obtaining of visas, documents, legalization and information alterations.

Horizon Brazil is a leading consultancy and assistance company on immigration in the Country, specialized in the service for foreigners who wish to live temporarily or permanently in Brazil. Personal service to individuals and companies granting flexibility and security from the start to the end of the procedures.

Horizon Brazil follows every detail involving the legalization of foreigners in Brazil. From the analysis of documents to monitoring each step of the procedure with the responsible agencies. Horizon Brazil's office is located in São Paulo, with easy access to government agencies and a complete structure to serve clients from all different nationalities.

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Every foreigner who receive a temporary visa, permanent or is in asylum or refugee status in Brazil, with some exceptions, must request your National Registry of Foreigners.