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The Equal Rights determines that the Portuguese in Brazil have the same rights and subject to the obligations of the Brazilian.
Equal Rights finds supportin the Treaty of Friendship signed between Brazil and Portugal, allowing an individual to have samethe rights asacitizen, retaining the original link of nationality. For example this determines that the Brazilians in Portugal andthe Portuguese in Brazil have the same rights and are subject to the same obligationsas the citizens of these States under the terms and conditions established by the laws.

Through the Order of Equal Rights the Portuguese have the right to an identity card similar to the Brazilians mentioning their respective nationality and reference to the treaty that governs this benefit.

In addition, they must submit themselves to the criminal law of the State of residence under the same conditions as the respective nationals and are not liable to extradition, unless this is requested by the Government of the State of nationality.

The rights set in this Status shall only be attributed to the Portuguese who officially request it.

It is important to note that access to Equal Status, as well as legal exercise or the performance of duties therein, do not imply the loss of nationality of the country of origin where applications will only be accepted from Portuguese civilly capable and who have habitual residence in the country where such rights are claimed.

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The Brazilian Naturalization process can be initiated by foreigners who have been in Brazil for more than four years with a permanent visa.

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