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Foreigners married to Brazilians, in Brazil or abroad, have the right to requisition since the wedding in Brazil.
In Brazil, the Visa based on Marriage is sought by people of many different nationalities.

Foreigners married to Brazilians, in Brazil or abroad, are entitled to request a permanent Brazilian visa. The Visa based on Marriage has no grace period. The couple can request this type of visa at any time after the official marriage.

If the marriage was made official in another country, before requesting the permanent Brazilian visa, the couple must register the marriage certificate at the Brazilian Consulate of the country in which the original certificate was issued.

For a foreigner to marry in Brazil, he/she must submit their birth certificate and the marital status statement. Both documents also need to be registered and authenticated by the Brazilian Consulate in the applicant’s country of origin.

To apply for a Permanent Visa based on Marriage, it is important to contact us in advance to check any other requirements.

The Permanent Visa entitles the alien to live and work in Brazil for an indefinite period, provided that they have kept the family bond. Horizon Brazil is one of the main companies providing consulting services and assistance in immigration specialized in the legalization of aliens who want to obtain a permanent visa to remain in the Country.

Horizon Brazil offers a personal service to their clients, through direct contact and with the least possible bureaucracy, to streamline the process of obtaining visas for foreigners, whether permanently or temporarily.

Consultancy, analyzing documentation, legal assistance and monitoring the entire process with the competent agencies, are some of the services offered. The office is located in Sao Paulo, on Avenida Paulista, a privileged areaof easy access.

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Family Visa


The Visa based on Family Reunion is a type of visa granted in situations that require the approach of people from the same family, while maintaining its unity.