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This visa allows a foreign crewmember of a fishing ship leased by a Brazilian company, will officially remain in national waters.
In Brazil there are basically three types of visas granted to foreigners: the tourist visa and short business trips; the temporary work visa, studies and for some other purposes and the permanent visa, based on specific situations, which gives the foreigner the right to live and work in Brazil for an indefinite period.

Among the types of temporary visas, is the Visa for Crew Members of Foreign Fishing Vessels. This visa allows a foreign crew member of a fishing boat leased from a Brazilian company can remain officially in national waters.

To receive this authorization of entry and residence, the alien must have an employment relationship in Brazil. As the law states,in these cases, the Brazilian company that leases vessels, must hire Brazilian crew members for the vessels leasedin number representing 2/3 of the total crew of the vessel, involving all job levels and activities on board.

The Visa for Crew members of Foreign Fishing Vessels can be requested individually or collectively. The process also involves the presentation of various documents, taxes and other bureaucratic procedures.

To facilitate the process of acquiring the Visa for Crew Members and other specific types of Brazilian visas you can count on specialized assistance on immigration procedures. Horizon Brazil is one of the main consulting and assistance companies in obtaining all types of Brazilians visas.

Personal and complete services are offered individually with flexibility in the process of the visa application. Guidance regarding the most appropriate visa for the customer, analyzingthe required documents, specialized legal assistance and preparing contracts.

Each step is monitored with the competent agencies by specialized professionals assisting foreigners of various nationalities. Horizon Brazil is located in São Paulo, on Avenida Paulista, a privileged areawith easy access.

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The Visa on the basis of work contracts, applies to situations in which a Brazilian company intends to hire a foreigner to engage in remunerated activity in employment, provided there is no manpower Brazilian qualified.