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Visa without an employment in Brazil for foreign vessels in foreign tourism.
There are several types of temporary visa in Brazil. For each of them there are specific procedures and documents to be presented. Some procedures for example require an employment bond of the foreigner in Braziland others do not allow it.

Although it is the same type of visa - temporary - in some cases the alien can not be remunerated and in others can work and receive his salary as any other Brazilian worker. It is important to know the differences between the types of temporary visas so that the requirements are complied withand the visa applications are met successfully.

The Work Visa for Foreigners on board of Foreign Vessels destined for Tourism applies to foreigners who already work on this type of vessel in order to remain in waters under Brazilian jurisdiction. The crew members that have the International Maritime Card, in this case, are exempted from a work permit.

As in the visa for crew members of fishing vessels, there is not an employment relationship in Brazil for aliens on foreign vessels and tourism and the application can also be done individually or collectively.

From the 31st day of operation in Brazilian waters, the foreign tourist vessel should have at least 25% of Brazilian crew members. The Brazilians must be hired under the Brazilian labor legislation, in technical functions and other activities to be defined by the carrier. Failure to comply with this requirement will result in cancellation of work permit granted to that vessel.

Horizon Brazil offers all the necessary assistance and consultancy to issues of immigration and legalization of aliens wishing to work or live temporarily or permanently in the Country. Streamline procurement processes of the visas with qualified professionals with vast experience in serving foreigners of the most varied nationalities.

Individual services are offered by Horizon Brazil. Guidingyou through all steps that involve the acquisition of the Work Visa for Foreigners on board of Foreign Vessels destined to Tourism. Analysis of documents, legal assistance and monitoring the process with the competent agencies are some of the services offered.

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The Visa on the basis of work contracts, applies to situations in which a Brazilian company intends to hire a foreigner to engage in remunerated activity in employment, provided there is no manpower Brazilian qualified.